Star Wars the Gavin Wars

Gavin recently made some amazing troop transport / gun ships out of Legos with no guidance, help, etc.  I was pretty impressed so we decided to make a bit of movie magic for him.  We did the best we could with our temperamental actors and our Lego props...but I think we made Obi Wan proud :)

The Greatest Breakthrough in Science since Fermentation?

The cis-isomer of resveratrolImage via Wikipedia


Apparently, some deft scientists have created yeast strains that produce resveratrol in beer, that lovely chemical in red wine that's supposed to be very good for you and extend your life.  Here's a quote from this article from Discovery via

BioBeer, as it's called, has three genes spliced into special brewer's yeast that produce resveratrol, the chemical in red wine that is thought to protect against diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and other age-related conditions

This is proof that good things do come to those who wait and that science will ultimately determine the only way to live to 300 is to drink beer, coffee, and smoke cigarettes.....if given enough time and grants.

Guitar Hero - Wii

My wife bought Guitar Hero.  I was skeptical. 

24 hours later.   I'm touring England, have shot a rock video, have been sponsored, and have purchased new guitars and outfits from the "store".

Our friends came over and played it...and by 8AM the next morning...were waiting in line to buy a Wii at BestBuy along with Guitar Hero. 

Wii...would like to play.

Ballroom Dancing - Latin

Steph and I are freshening our Salsa/Merengue/Rumba skills in a great class over in Waukee.  Another 6 week class will being in March. If interested, let me know.

Either way, we'd like to head out soon to one of the salsa dancing locations in town.  I think that Warehouse on 100th in Urbandale holds regular Salsa nights on about 9PM.  They start with lessons and dancing starts at 9:30PM.

If  interested...let me know.  You can find out all of the dates and times here on

Thank Goodness Shatner Never Watched Star Trek

76 year old William Shatner recently stated that he has never watched any of the original series episodes or movies. 

He said he hated watching himself perform on screen, saying “I suck”.

I'm grateful that he never watched his overacted, pregnant pause ridden, space adventures...because he may have stopped doing them!  I am a huge Trekkie and have been since my dad introduced me to the series in the early 80's (reruns of course). 


A Van Halen Stalker

So the dream of seeing David Lee Roth with Van Halen is about to come true on Feb. 6 if they hold together.  Chances seem good now.  But I'd like to meet the band somehow.   So here's the deal.  They're in Omaha on the 4th. 

I need to figure out where they're dining on the evening of the 5th.  Any ideas?  Any insiders with secret info?  How about 801 Grand?  Any place nicer downtown? 

Anyway, if you can help me obsess like a school girl, please help.

Absolutely Wii-Licious

I decided about a month ago that the Wii was the gift that would give our family some fun time together without the TV (so to speak).  I can't believe how brilliantly the Wii has captured such a wide demographic swath.  I would NEVER consider the XBOX or Playstation because honestly, I'm just not a gamer and I don't want to waste time "getting to level 28 and achieving GodMode" or whatever you call it these days.

However, my belief about the Wii is that my entire family including 2 sub-5 year olds will be able to go bowling together , play golf together, and generally just have fun together on less complicated "short term" games.  I find this so fascinating...that the other game boxes probably have simple games, etc...yet I have no intent on getting them whatsoever.

The Nintendo folks have done a marvelous job positioning this game box and the complete sell out all over the globe is a testament to that.  It seems that I and the rest of the world want one this XMAS.  I'm on the hunt and will probably end up lining up outside a store somewhere in the next few weeks. 

Some local outlets got inventory today but it did require staking out a spot to get one.  Oh well, I'll stay on the hunt and stay in awe of the Wii-Licious job of branding/marketing/positioning that Nintendo has done.


An Evening with Colin Mocherie & Brad Sherwood

For our recently passed 10th wedding anniversary...Steph got us tickets to An Evening with Colin Mocherie & Brad Sherwood at the Civic Center.  If you're a fan of Who's Line Is It Anyway? with Drew Carrie, Wayne Brady, et know who I'm talking about here. 

If laughter is good medicine...then I've O.D.'d.  We were almost in tears from the moment the guys walked on stage.  The art of improvisation is truly amazing.  In one sketch, the most obscure references are put together into a story line by linking audience suggestions.  Tonight's was a crime investigation.  Colin was interrogating Brad (who was taken away and had his ears plugged securely and with an audience member on guard).  Brad had committed a heinous crime...unknown to him.  The crime was:

Transplanting a parakeet heart into Marie Antoinette and smuggling smurfs to teach English with a totem pole in air balanced building in Macoata using a banana.

Totally obscure.  You can tell that these guys spend A LOT of time together because even their vague clues are often picked up on immediately.

It's well worth seeing this show..if for no other reason than to see the mouse trap mine field improvisation at the end. 

Dancing with the Stars - 2007

OK, I watch it.  I love it in fact.  I've always been a fan of ball room dancing and this show had me hooked day 1 season 1.  This year, there's another interesting and eclectic mix of people, including Mark Cuban, my favorite funder of toilet technology.  He's pimping for votes on his blog today (I'd do it to)...and did pretty well I must say.  Tall big guys look wooden and awkward when they start out (Jerry Rice). 

I'll try and keep up week to week without DVR'ing all of them so I can provide my readers with the (cue the impressive music) DWTS update 2007!

Latest dad/son advice quote saved up for the future:  "Son, if you love dancing, follow the passion.  You'll catch a lot of grief from your buddies...but trust me, you'll never be wondering what to do on a Saturday night."

Greed Is Good

One of my top 5 movies of all time is Wall Street (Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, etc.).  Well, the word is out, they're making Wall Street PART TWO!  Maybe I'm late to the party...but this is big news.  It will be fun to gather with friends and theorize how the plot might unfold.