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My head is firmly in the clouds with PC Central

I stepped into the leadership role in a great small business on December 1.  The company is called PC Central and it does small business cloud computing here in Des Moines.  As I started integrating into the company and culture, I found that people I've known for years, companies I use, and friends are all using PC Central Managed IT Services.  

That was pretty cool and immediately helped me understand the market and what kind of customer experience we're delivering.

As I continue to build up and build out, I plan on making a bold statement with things like startup development stack bundles so nascent companies can have the computing power they need on demand without the burden of hardware costs, long contracts, or support.  Just ask Des Moines WordPress Developer Andy Brudtkuhl about the Dev Stack option.   He's rockin' out the Visual Studio in the cloud and grabbed 2 "seats" so he could power his awesome IT recruiting disrupter raygun staffninja.

Updates as we go buy I'm very pleased with our progress so far.  Look out world.

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