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Strategy vs. Execution

I execute.  We all know the "perpetual idea machines" out there...but through start-up life and regular life I'm sure you've noticed too that there are plenty of ideas and few who act.  Those who execute are typically viewed as being "successful" and "go-getters".  But when it comes to STRATEGY vs. EXECUTION, I like many struggle with wanting to dive and execute when times call for strategy development.  Recognizing this internal battle is key.  I see solutions through the prism of my own experience and execution filters.  Yes, they've served me well...but they are NOT universal.

So, here's a quote I just noticed from Obama's campaign mastermind David Plouffe, "The importance of creating a strategy.  He said “The most fundamental part of organizational success is creating a strategy and then running every decision through the prism of that plan.”

It's too easy to throw tactics (today most often the "social media kitchen sink") at any marketing opportunity.  Development of the strategy is the filter through which tactical tools can be deemed appropriate and supportive.

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