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An Evening with Colin Mocherie & Brad Sherwood

For our recently passed 10th wedding anniversary...Steph got us tickets to An Evening with Colin Mocherie & Brad Sherwood at the Civic Center.  If you're a fan of Who's Line Is It Anyway? with Drew Carrie, Wayne Brady, et all..you know who I'm talking about here. 

If laughter is good medicine...then I've O.D.'d.  We were almost in tears from the moment the guys walked on stage.  The art of improvisation is truly amazing.  In one sketch, the most obscure references are put together into a story line by linking audience suggestions.  Tonight's was a crime investigation.  Colin was interrogating Brad (who was taken away and had his ears plugged securely and with an audience member on guard).  Brad had committed a heinous crime...unknown to him.  The crime was:

Transplanting a parakeet heart into Marie Antoinette and smuggling smurfs to teach English with a totem pole in air balanced building in Macoata using a banana.

Totally obscure.  You can tell that these guys spend A LOT of time together because even their vague clues are often picked up on immediately.

It's well worth seeing this show..if for no other reason than to see the mouse trap mine field improvisation at the end. 

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