Join me next Wednesday at 6PM for a talk called: Help! My Business Is Invisible - Increasing Your Internet Findability Factor

 Yours truly will be giving a talk for the New Iowa Entrepreneurs Coalition Meet Up Group next Wednesday, November 19th at 6PM.  Click here for full details and to RSVP and/or Join this meet up group.

Description of the talk is below.  I hope to see you there meeting, interacting, and building relationships with other progressive Iowa entrepreneurs.

HELP!!! - My Business is Invisible
Increasing Your Internet “Findability” Factor
6:00 PM - Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ask 100 people, "What's the first place you look to find a business or information on a business?" and 98 will say Google. Yet phone book ads, glossy brochures, and static "cobweb" sites still make up the bulk of many small and medium sized company marketing budgets. Break out of the old routine and hear some low cost - high impact organic Internet marketing strategies that will give your firm a fighting chance online. Doug Mitchell, Founder of createWOWmedia ( will show you how to increase your Internet Findability Factor and amplify your online brand with a focus on web video and multimedia.


6000 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312

Come and learn with me through the robust QA that I KNOW will break out.  If you're already "in the know" or a super web traffic findability guru...please come and share your knowledge with the crowd through the QA and interaction. 

Introducing createWOWmedia

Hi folks:
The team has been working on some very exciting things here at Midwest Command.  Over the last year, we've been producing robust multimedia content for our Interactive Learning Environments (ILE).  We had many firms contact us and ask if we could do the same for them.  They asked us to:

  1. Turn so so presentations, marketing material, speaking engagements, and documents into rich multimedia with sound, voice over, imagery, and professional appearance.
  2. Shoot company intro videos that capture the mojo of their brands in video that is "good enough for the web".  Flaming fireballs optional.
  3. Create robust and good looking blog based corporate websites for them that had a bunch of great organic Search Engine Optimization tools (SEO) working for them behind the scenes. 
  4. Create Interactive Learning Environments so businesses extend their brands and digital product offerings globally online.
  5. Develop web video strategies and some stock "intros and outros" that companies can reuse over and over again.
  6. Help them understand the online world, social media, and their online BUZZ. 

We have been working under the radar to form

Createwowmedia_logo_small createWOW provides Brand Amplification to small and medium businesses through  multimedia, blogging and social media, and Interactive Learning Environments.

Ask your small business owner friends how much their "Yellow Pages" ads cost per month? Ask the same group how many of them go to the Yellow Pages to look up services/products available themselves?  Could that resource be re-tasked? 

It's a pleasure to work with SMB's.  I know they get the shaft sometimes when it comes to these kinds of services because their budgets are small and their dreams are big.  Well we're tired of you being on the receiving end of the shaft...and believe its our job to help you take advantage of as much of this technology as makes sense for you.  We know how to provide IMPACT and RESULTS on a budget.  It's how we've modeled our own business and we believe you should get the same treatment.

We're already making an impact locally.  Feel free to contact Ryan @ Nutrisport - Full Potential Training and ask him what it's like to do business with the createWOW team.

If you can spare a couple minutes, please watch some of our videos in the products and services section of the site. 

Blogging For Business Class now being offered in Des Moines also

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Starting Oct 21 - Nov. 14, I'll be in front of another group of progressive business leaders eager to understand the key aspects and tools used in social media marketing in Des Moines.  (West Des Moines class starts on September 24).  The Blogging for Business class is offered through the Des Moines Community Education program and it's VERY affordable. (Most likely $50).

Spread the word to friends, blog lurkers, and business leaders you know if they'd like to get a great lay of the blogging land...along with a great quiver full of other tools to become findable on the web.

The class will take place Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm and will last 4 weeks. 

Watch for the catalogs to show up in your newspapers and/or mailboxes. 

Welcome Aboard: Attorney Rush Nigut Leverages The Mitchell Group's Interactive Learning Environment Platform to Bring More Value to Clients and Profession

Attorney Rush Nigut is the latest professional to adopt the Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) platform from The Mitchell Group. 

The online software platform provides the perfect medium for attorneys, associations, marketers, freelancers, consultants, business coaches, and any other information based business professional to extend their reach globally. 

We believe the ILE "Creates Time" because it enables professionals to move beyond the "billable hours" syndrome.  You can only be one place at a time.  If you're traveling 150 days or more per exactly do you intend to grow your business?  You must move beyond where YOU can be...and add a global 24x7 medium that extends your reach while you sleep.  The ILE platform is that medium.

As today's business climate challenges grow in scope and will you be different?

If you're one of twenty or more relevant professional associations that companies may join, what will make you more relevant than the next?  Would providing an "Online University" for your members with training courses on "How to become more findable on the Internet" be the deciding factor that builds your membership by 25% next year vs. remaining stagnate?

The ILE platform lends itself to paid or free course offerings or a combination of both.  We leverage both models at RentalMetrics by offering a limited selection of course materials FREE and a full access option for $97/month.  Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.

If you like the multimedia you see and hear inside the RentalMetrics ILE and think, "Hey but I can't do that," never fear.  We can help you with that too whether it's a video presentation, audio engineering, professional custom music, or voice over work. 

If you'd like to have your very own membership site and begin replicating yourself globally, email me.  The possibilities are endless.

Interactive Learning Environment Components: Home Page

Here's a PDF highlighting the basic template design of the front page of an Interactive Learning Environment.  Download ile_home_screen_guide.jpg