Star Wars the Gavin Wars

Gavin recently made some amazing troop transport / gun ships out of Legos with no guidance, help, etc.  I was pretty impressed so we decided to make a bit of movie magic for him.  We did the best we could with our temperamental actors and our Lego props...but I think we made Obi Wan proud :)

Another NASCAR Home Run

NASCAR is quite possibly the greatest marketing vehicle of all time. Read this piece in the Hollywood Reporter and you'll understand.  It highlights the marketing and product placement coming up in the Will Farrell flick, "Talladega Nights:  The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"

If you think NASCAR is for rednecks, think again.  It's a massive marketing juggernaut that's willing to liberate big dollars from the wallets of those wearing tank tops or top hats.  After seeing this movie, everyone is going to smell like Old Spice...and I'm going to have to switch back to High Karate.