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A Van Halen Stalker

So the dream of seeing David Lee Roth with Van Halen is about to come true on Feb. 6 if they hold together.  Chances seem good now.  But I'd like to meet the band somehow.   So here's the deal.  They're in Omaha on the 4th. 

I need to figure out where they're dining on the evening of the 5th.  Any ideas?  Any insiders with secret info?  How about 801 Grand?  Any place nicer downtown? 

Anyway, if you can help me obsess like a school girl, please help.

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If it's worth the cost of dinner to you, why not write them and offer to take them out to dinner? Look at it from their point of view - why do they want to meet you? What are you doing for them?

Art Dinkin

What? You want to meet my cousin Eddie???

Yeah, in my dreams. Wish I could help...

Since they probably fly in private Jets, don't be surprised if they are eating at the Ivy and sleeping at home on the 5th.

A girl I worked with in high school was a hair band groupie. If a band was playing anywhere in the midwest, she knew their hotel, assumed names and room numbers. Unfortunately, that was in 1987!!! (She had some great picture of the night she spent partying with RATT to prove it)

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