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Absolutely Wii-Licious

I decided about a month ago that the Wii was the gift that would give our family some fun time together without the TV (so to speak).  I can't believe how brilliantly the Wii has captured such a wide demographic swath.  I would NEVER consider the XBOX or Playstation because honestly, I'm just not a gamer and I don't want to waste time "getting to level 28 and achieving GodMode" or whatever you call it these days.

However, my belief about the Wii is that my entire family including 2 sub-5 year olds will be able to go bowling together , play golf together, and generally just have fun together on less complicated "short term" games.  I find this so fascinating...that the other game boxes probably have simple games, etc...yet I have no intent on getting them whatsoever.

The Nintendo folks have done a marvelous job positioning this game box and the complete sell out all over the globe is a testament to that.  It seems that I and the rest of the world want one this XMAS.  I'm on the hunt and will probably end up lining up outside a store somewhere in the next few weeks. 

Some local outlets got inventory today but it did require staking out a spot to get one.  Oh well, I'll stay on the hunt and stay in awe of the Wii-Licious job of branding/marketing/positioning that Nintendo has done.


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Andy Brudtkuhl

I've been on the hunt now for a year to no avail. Good Luck!

Keep an eye on Craigslist - there is usually one per week. Also, most stores release the new inventory on Sundays. You will see small Wii lines for Targets, etc on Sunday mornings waiting to swipe up that inventory within minutes.

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