Fox is back baby

Mediacom and Sinclair reached an agreement today on bringing FOX back to Des Moines cable.  I'm not sure what the catalyst was this time...but it's a done deal.  I can now watch 24 anytime I please on DVR.  Thank goodness this is over.  Thanks to Scott Westerman again for being a voice of reason and customer care during this bad situation. 

24 Junkies Unite: Jack is Back!

Jack is back in a big way!  I found myself "seeing the future" of what could happen here in U.S. I guess that's why the show is so really churns the juices in your system.  Traffic to my site, referencing the CTU 24 ring tone has grown 4x in the last few days.  If you're still out there without this distinctive "Hold on...I have to save the world" ring tone, here it is again for smart phone/pda (mp3 format).

Here's the post where I found it Phone Zoo for other phones free.

I'm personally wetting myself just waiting for tonight's episode.  I'm on edge and typing about 100wpm right now.  Is Jack Bauer's name really John but he goes by Jack?  Does Sprint/Nextel really work as good as it does on 24?  Can you really type in a lat/long to launch your directions in one of the GPS apps available for those phones?  Will the makeup folks remember all year long to put back the "scars and healed wounds on Jack's hands...and for that matter will they remember for every season?