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Personal Trainer Needed

I need someone to facilitate my personal transformation from gelatinous mess to lean cycling machine for RAGBRAI 2007 (end of July).

Does anyone know of a trainer in the Des Moines metro that is willing to come to my house or...that has their own facility to work on core body strength and overall cardio fitness?

Please refer them directly to me if you do: 
email:  [email protected]

I don't want to join a gym.  I've got the 52.5 adjustable dumbbells, the big ridiculous exercise ball, and 2 bicycles already (including 1 indoor bike trainer), and a nice treadmill. 

Why a trainer then you ask?  Well, sometimes paying for it makes you do it (in business we call it consulting) but I'm OK with that premise.

I need to crank off 50 miles like it's nothing and need to start harder training now but can't seem to get the right program going that doesn't bore me into another cheeseburger. 


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