Mother Nature Sued: God Named Co-Defendant

Smog As I read the headline "Quake Lifts Solomons Island Out of the Sea", I was reminded of the incomprehensible power of the earth to create new...and destroy old.  In an instant, a 20 mile x 5 mile coral reef was lifted up 10 feet exposing it and obviously destroying all of the life on it.  Now it remains a rotting heap of rock and sea death. (Conspiracy theorists have already pointed to the magic George Bush Tsunami generator project headed by the NSA and Haliburton from their Dubai offices)

After I get over the shock and awe of what happened, I inevitably begin thinking about Al Gore, Global Warming, and Mother Nature.  I'm sorry, I just can't help it.  You think I like that this happens???

This is not a political blog nor will it ever be...but here's a few points that I'd like to throw up to the defense attorneys when Mother Nature (aka "The Weather aka "Old Man Winter") and God (aka "The Maker" aka "Dear God" aka "Oh My God" aka "Big Daddy") finally take the stand.

  1. I'm not a scientist and don't have access to the data, but I'm unguardedly certain that there are hundreds of countries, including the world's most voracious producers of goods that belch out more billions of tons of filth and pollutants that we here in the US could produce if we wanted to (China, India). Let's shift the focus onto them OK.  I drive a Honda man...and I use those ridiculous fluorescent bulbs that look like corkscrews.  Heck I even compost.  Am I cool?
  2. When a natural event like a volcanic eruption spews more CO2 and methane into the atmosphere that we can ever create here on earth over a few week period...ummmm...."Can I get some carbon offsets here!"  Pass a resolution that makes volcanoes illegal.  Did I mention the methane produced by cows?  We must immediately ban all forms of meat because those suckers provide enough gases via their own ozone holes to melt a glacier.  I'll just have a salad please.
  3. When it's 14.5 degrees when I wake up to a beautiful Des Moines April morn' and there's snow on the cherry blossoms in DC, warming is a tough sell.  I realize that global warming is actually the cause of both warming and cooling and that no matter how cold it may be...that it's actually warming that is the sole culprit)
  4. If the weather turns certain areas into less desirable places to live and others into more desirable places to live, and this transition happens over time( as it has throughout history) is that bad?  No one wants folks to suffer pain and suffering.  But since it seems that much of what we call "recreation" now was caused by receded glaciers ripping canyons into otherwise cruddy areas, I'm gonna go with it.  "There are new lakes forming daily from glacial melt" and I can't help but think that some enterprising folks with poor lives up til now are thinking "Lake front developments - cheap - inquire at shanty camp #2". 
  5. When I was a kid growing up in Southern CA in the San Gabriel Valley (east of LA by about 45 miles), 2nd stage smog alerts occurred often during the summer.  That means "Don't go outside unless it's absolutely necessary"  As kids we used to rid bikes everywhere and all summer long, our lungs would BURN and deep breaths were impossible.  This hasn't happened in SoCal for a long long time.  In fact the last stage 3 smog alert was in 1974.  (Ah ha! Governor Ronald Reagan single handedly stopped smog) See we all figured out that new cars put out a puff of bad emissions compared to a 70's belcher.  When those were gone, the junk in the air subsided greatly.  Sure there's a haze of YUCK over the valley's in SoCal.  But it has been that way for as long as we've had reporters in the field (aka "Indians").  They called it "Valley of the Smoke" because the heat traps in the moisture and dust from the windy conditions blah blah blah. 

Now I realize that everything I've just said circles back to my lack of education and understanding.  I do what I can to make the earth a sustainable place but I realize that's not enough.  I need to freak out, preach about our impending doom, and ride my bike more.  But what's my next step?

I'm really not sure.  If we've caused all of this and can't really do much about it, and it has nothing to do with the cyclical nature of our earth, then I guess I need a bit more indoctrination. 

Is the true goal of the Global Warming crowd to fund a fixing of the problem?  If so, we'd need to literally take everyone's money and stop the economy from producing so much goop.  Don't forget to shut down the coal fired plants and don't drive anywhere, then send all of that money you made at your home job that doesn't use electricity or paper or water or anything organic to the government to fund research.  We have a 10 year window according to Gore right before calamity brings the beach front to Nevada and Arkansas?

As we approach an era of hydrogen power (have you seen the 12 cylinder BMW hydrogen car?  Wow.), wind power, ethanol, biodiesel, and (shhhhh...nuclear power), I'm encouraged by our progress as humans and will not simply accept the role of global whipping boy for whatever problems seem to exist out there.  You see, this country and its people are a shining example of what ingenuity and the spirit of innovation breeds.  We're blamed for everything and expected to pay for everything that happens around the globe (protection, wars, humanitarian missions, environmental disasters, financial aide, natural disasters, and more).  We also do it here at home (however inefficiently) when things run amuck. 

If we are the world's bad guys and we're the root of much of the world's evil, perhaps the globe would do well to boycott us and all that we are.  Then, after the rest of the world's collapse due to lack of food, no pesticides from our research to prevent blight and plague, and the free reign of dictatorial regimes that enslave millions, we'll move in and ruin those new places too.  (By ruin I mean make prosperous and provide all citizens with their best darn shot at living out their God given rights to a great life).

Personally, I think I'll homestead a piece of land in Bordeaux when it becomes available and replant with some California grapes. (Wait, haven't we done that already?)

Biofuel Funding Continues to Impress...IF...You Don't Pay Attention to the News

4aces I have about 10 blog/news searches automated in my blog reader covering renewable fuels (especially ethanol).  Daily, I'm deluged with articles from around the U.S. concerning the future of the food supply, the lack of available land, the high price of corn, kids starving in Mexico, and the scientific reasons why ethanol and bio diesel are totally inefficient. 

Yet, the industry keeps forging ahead and innovating buoyed by $1.28 billion (with a b) in venture capital investment in 2006 alone.  Cellulosic technology, (making ethanol from anything organic vs. just corn by using enzymes to break down the really tough stuff) is getting funded with BIG dollars now and it's happening right here in Iowa.

In fact the Department of Energy just dump a few hundred million around the US into the technology.  It's also obvious now that some of our friends in other states have figured out that cellulosic ethanol production is good business too.

This is a BIG ISSUE that has BIG IMPLICATIONS for a BIG SEGMENT of the population that costs BIG DOLLAR$ and involves BIG BUSINESS and BIG GOVERNMENT.  However, this big issue's  power is that it transcends the news!  Can you feel that?  No matter what the cadre of news pundits keep spewing,  the cash keeps arriving  as if a John Deere wheel loader kept filling a CAT dump truck scheduling drop offs by the hour.  "$34 million today, where do you want it?" says the operator.  "Just dump it on top of the pile of pundits that got it wrong."

Ethanol and renewable fuels in general have become a reality and it's up to Iowa to maintain leadership in the segment.  Pay no mind to the nay saying punditry (they probably live in LA or NY anyway).  If we do not seize this opportunity, it shall be recorded in history as a FOLD by the state at the world poker table that was holding FOUR ACES.


Too Cool

My buddy sent me a link to this site showing "Sea Giants". These are semi-submersible MASSIVE ships that can carry mega-structures like oil rigs, other ships, and anything too huge for comprehension.  If you like "MEGA-MACHINES" on the History Channel, you'll eat this up!

I think this is a legimate question

I read a piece in US NEWS today.  Headline: 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The CDC Says It's a Big Problem

Now, I'm not making light of this situation that may grip someone, but here's the symptoms and some commentary as reported: 
profound fatigue–especially after mental or physical exertion–joint pain, impaired memory, problems sleeping, and often depression. The cause isn't known and there's no cure, but drugs, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological counseling can ease distress. "The most important thing to understand is that the fatigue component creates a significant disability," says Julie Gerberding, director of the CDC. "There is no gold standard test," she explains, and doctors first have to rule out other illnesses before diagnosing CFS. It's believed that early detection is related to better outcomes and greater likelihood of improvement.

So there's no way to determine, no "gold standard test", to see if one has this "disease".  I'm lost and very interested to see what the CDC's studies come up with. 

I hope these call center folks are well trained

Tom Peters posted today on an ABC News special that highlighted "Outsourced Surgery" and how a company called PlanetHospital handles the logistics and arrangements for surgeries that...for whatever reason, couldn't be done here in the US (cost to much, not covered, lack of insurance, etc.). 

What a fantastic example of the inefficiency of medicine these days...but encouraging to know that this is an option.  The piece described how a woman flew 30 hours to have a 30 minute surgery at 1/3 the cost.  Unreal.

I am just hoping that when you call to describe your situation and set up the surgery...that the call center agents are NOT outsourced.       

Cloaking is here

It's here!  I don't know about you...but I cannot wait until this technology becomes even somewhat tangible for the average Joe.  Cloaking is here!  Yet another product for Shatner to pitch!

`We have built an artificial mirage that can hide something from would-be observers in any direction,'' said cloak designer David Schurig, a research associate in Duke University's electrical and computer engineering department.

Any Star Trek fan (yes, I'm the biggest Star Trek nerd you'll meet this side of a convention)...knows the power of the cloaking device.  Recently the original series episode aired where the cloaking concept was introduced for the first time. 

If you could cloak yourself...where would you hide out for a while?