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Iowa State MBA

I went to an informational seminar yesterday hosted by the ISU MBA program.  It was really enlightening.  The ISU MBA program is VERY flexible including night classes in Des Moines, and Saturday classes in Ames.  Additionally, you can go to EITHER class so if you're busy on the weekend, just do it downtown on a Wednesday.  It can be done in less than 3 years too. 

Very interesting. 

I'm not exactly sure what has re-sparked my interest in executing on this milestone.  Possibilities include:

  1. My desire to increase the depth and breadth of knowledge I have or don't have in certain key functional areas. (You can still keep statistics for all I care...and yes..this is coming from a 6 sigma black belt
  2. The idea that I'd be forced to read fantastic modern business books and case studies (the same ones I can't find enough time to read now)
  3. The idea that I'd feel like I'm competing in my own little "Apprentice" without leaving my family for 15-weeks
  4. The desire to pit myself against others and see where I land with my experience and skill set
  5. Because I have latent desire to relate to other Cyclone fans
  6. The idea that I can get an MBA with a specialization in Logistics Management..something I'm immersed in daily anyway so why not be better at it
  7. I've always wanted to get an advanced degree because it seems like the right thing to do (parental education indoctrination good)

The reasons I'm not thinking of when considering this:

  1. Increasing my pay
  2. "Getting a new job"
  3. Hanging another degree on the wall

In some ways, I think the time has come and gone for me to get the big bang out of the MBA.  I'm not suggesting that I know everything (please)...but that the MBA process of case study and analysis is something that I've lived...and am living on a daily basis.  I'm now 35 with the most incredible value coming out of the last 8 years of my work and it's still going at warp speed.  If I take the time to focus on the degree, will I feel let down if it just validates my experience? (keep in mind I'm not looking for a career move or big pay hit as a result of this)

This would be yet another big project for me to tackle.  Hummmm...deep thought time...to the man room I shall go.  Argh.

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Been reading for a while and enjoying your thoughts.

I've just started thinking about doing the same thing. Oddly I always said my BA would be the end of the line but for some reason it's appealing to me right now.

Good luck with whatever you choose and thanks for the reading material. I especially enjoyed the Discipline post a while back. Made me remember Karate with my Dad and what a good idea it would be for my son.

Thanks again.

Andy Brudtkuhl

I was very close to entering the ISU MBA program.

I'm of the opinion that experience and knowledge should be ranked higher than pieces of paper. Granted an MBA is a very valuable learning experience but I think its most valuable when looking for jobs.

You should check out personalmba.com - they claim you can get the equivalent to an MBA on your own time without spending the money.

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