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Family Bike Ride

For a couple of Sunday's now, we've packed the little ones up in the bike trailer, attached it to the trusty Trek Super Duty F-250 diesel mountain bike, and headed down the wonderful Clive Green Belt bike trail.  There are numerous parks along the way so we'll stop and let the kids play, have some snacks, and head home. 

What I've found fascinating is how cleansing, bonding, and emotionally recharging this is.  It's not that often that the kids are harnessed and shoulder to shoulder for an hour and forced to listen to their dad ramble about butterflies, squirrels, and the mechanics of a flowing stream.  Steph and I get to chat while the kids play too.  That's something that can get lost in the day to day schedule of raising these two, work, etc.

I guess the feeling I get from this is best described as total alignment...and it's when my subconscious knows I'm doing something physically and psychologically beneficial with zero downside. 

If we repeat this type of activity, we'll be a better family unit over the long haul.  For those few hours yesterday...I was 100% in the moment with everyone and there's nothing like that. 

Do less people.  Breathe in your kids.  Experience nature.  Sweat a little.  Reclaim casual conversation with your wife. 

(Special thanks to Des Moines, Iowa for making this experience possible)   


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