That's What Dreams Are Made Of

David_lee It's official.  Diamond Dave is reuniting with Van Halen for a 40 city tour.  I'm guessing they'll skip Des Moines :) But they'll probably hit Omaha, Kansas City, or Chicago.  In any case, I'm there.  I've dreamed of seeing them live with Dave since I first heard "Jump" in 1984.  Of course I was 12 then and not really allowed to go to rock concerts.  After that, it was Van Hagar (which I love too but have seen them about 5 times). 

Here's the official announcement. Anyone want to take bets on how many shows happen before the group remembers why they hate each other and quit?

Van Halen

OK.  I don't talk about music much on my blog since not many people want to hear about my 80's hair band ballad memories.  However, my buddy Jeff just shot this piece of news over that Van Halen is back this summer! Apparently, Wolfgang, Eddie Van Halen's son is now the bass player in the group, Michael Anthony is out, and they can neither confirm nor deny that Diamond Dave is going to be the lead singer.  Will my ultimate concert dream come true?  Can you imagine what a Van Halen concert audience looks like these days? 

Sure this is probably a "Hey, let's make another quick couple of mil to buy that new (fill in the blank with 7 figure item here) but whatever's Van Halen.      

I Didn't Know Bono Was a VC

Wow.  Found this on the B2DAY blog.  Apparently, Bono is a partner in Elevation Partners, a private equity firm.  Now, Elevation has bought a stake in Forbes (as in the magazine/web properties).  As a rabid U2 fan, I'm intrigued.


Meet my new friend...EDGE

as i sit on this embraer jet on the way to the middle of nowhere (midland texas), i felt compelled to write about U2.  I must admit, I'm a recent devotee having only used the Joshua Tree hits to gauge U2's position in my life.  since i'm such a digital music slacker, i have only U2's newest effort on my laptop hard drive.  How to dismantle an atomic bomb is a compendium of great lyrics, sounds, beats, and awesome guitar riffs provided by one of the coolest dudes around...the edge (if you can get away with having people call you "THE (fill in the blank single word)'ve to to be pretty cool. 

I have diverse music tastes but am NOT an iPod toting mp3 downloading audiophile.  In fact, I'm completely content with Yahoo Messenger's Launch Cast internet radio firmly planted on either the FUNK or 80's.  At home, I turn on my Satellite TV's SIRIUS radio DISCO and LATIN stations and rock the night away with my family...doing our best white family imitation of Tito Puente and Wild Cherry. 

Rock on.