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My Current Top 10 Why's?

I've been saving up a few why's lately.  I can't hold them any longer.

  1. Why do the Dem Presidential contenders get a free pass effectively on the question, "If we go ahead and pull the soldiers out of Iraq like you want to...then what's next?  What's your "post withdrawal plan?" It makes no sense that an effectively disengaged 3rd party who's rhetoric is geared toward winning an election...and not actually solving the problem is not scrutinized heavily.  They can't answer that question because they aren't confronting the day to day operations there per Gen. Petraeus.  "Everything in Iraq is hard" but the Dem contenders want him to give "easy answers".  It's a crappy position to be in but and regardless of the cause/reasons...we're there. 
  2. Why do we hear things like, "If we don't stop doing A or B, Muqtada Al Sadr will "lift his cease fire order" or what have you?  Huh?  I know we have some pretty precise and some not so precise weapons that could pretty much turn he and his troupe into pink spray.  I have trouble grasping how "War" can be fought from a seemingly neutered position.
  3. Why would a smoking ban for the public good...exclude casinos? 
  4. Why don't we get a boatload of free oil or dramatically reduced price oil from Iraq...who's collective a$$ we've liberated?  Free or cheap oil certainly would disrupt the profit steam of oil companies and our Arab OPEC buddies right?  This junk makes me believe that our government/President are so in bed with the Arab nations that we literally are willing to sacrifice ourselves to maintain loyalty to whatever promises/arrangements keep the power base stable. 
  5. Why do we continue to IGNORE the fact that our educational system is failing?  I think we believe that "that's not my kid or my school's problem"?  It is our problem.  I heard somewhere that the average H1B visa recipient's salary is something like $140k/year.  Do we really lack the technical smarts here to fill jobs like this with our own labor force?  I don't get it.
  6. Why won't a Presidential candidate resolve the "Social Security Dilemma" by saying, "Look, here's my plan, starting in 2050, there's no more social security.  Some of you will have to keep paying and you're screwed...but that's it.  The safety net program that has become a welfare program is gone.  Fixed. 
  7. Why does Clive has such a screwed up recycling program?  We have a little green bin but we're told to actually "separate" the items, don't include colored glass, etc.  Then, a guy comes around and HAND SORTS it into a truck.  So odd.
  8. Why do I have to reboot my windows machine once daily to get back to crawl speed? 
  9. Why don't companies respond to EVERY customer service inquiry or suggestion?  If you feel your opinion doesn't matter...you'll go somewhere else right?  Is this not basic knowledge?
  10. Why do we really believe that Google has our best interest at heart by hosting our life's data?
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Rush Nigut

Is this the "I've snapped!" list?


Zane Safrit

Good stuff! Great post on the insulin resistance, too! See you soon.

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