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Will MLM for Dudes Work? ManCave thinks so...and so do I

Ok.  Today's Register has an article highlighting a brilliant idea that I wish I'd had called ManCave.  It's a Multi-level-marketing operation for men selling manly grilling and drinking stuff to other dudes.  Is this the end of the women's ownership of the "Get together with wine and food where women chat, drink, and eat while spending $50--$100 on 'free stuff"?  Steph hosts at least 6 parties per year to "get the credit so we can earn free stuff" and invariably that free stuff costs me $80-$125.  Oh reasons abound about why we need this or that or we need gifts for grammy and grampie for _____________ occasion.  Bottom line the model works and wives seem to use these gatherings to have social time and shopping simultaneously.  

 ManCave (based in MN) offers premium grilling and drinking products, accessories, and real meat centered around the BackYard BBQ where men have no trouble sitting and doing absolutely nothing except rambling on about nothing in particular (a male attribute that vexes women globally).  But will this work for dudes? Will we listen? Will we pull out our credit cards and swipe them on site after pounding a couple brats, a meat skewer, and a half dozen Three Floyds Gumball Heads

In a word...YES.  Dudes are typically meat, beer, and gadget centric.  These things are all simple and uncomplicated.  So is this business model and I believe it will thrive.  So ladies, I do believe the ladies night out to a Tastefully Simple  or Pampered Chef party has just met its match.  Welcome...MANCAVE and sorry to slaughter that sacred cow.  Moo. 

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