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Enterprise Software Sales Handbook Strikes a Chord

It_project_failures_number_1_post_2 It was social media connections made in the cloud that got my e-book in the hands of Michael Krigsman at the IT Project Failures blog (a ZDNet blog).  I didn't know then how many people around the world would find "Confessions" to be relevant....but I'm still getting large amounts of downloads per day.  In other words, I'm experiencing "The Long Tail" of the Internet daily.

If you note in the graphic below, the post that Krigsman did on "Confessions" is both number one in ratings and popularity.  A month ago, Michael and I had never heard of each other.  I don't read a ton of IT centric blogs...and I'm guessing he doesn't read many blogs on the heavy equipment rental sector or geographic arbitrageurs living the dream in the Midwest.  But here we are.

If you're still "just not able to find the time to write your book" (e-book or otherwise), schedule the time now to chisel away at it...and hop onto the long tail.

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