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Unemployment Benefits Becoming a Way of Life

I've been reading quite a few pieces lately about how staffing/temp companies are having trouble filling jobs even at $12-$16/hour even though candidates have been out of work for over a year.  "But if I'm out there working for a lower wage I might miss the opportunities to get a higher paying job and I'll miss valuable networking opportunities so I need to stay unemployed" was one reason quoted by an interviewee (paraphrasing).

Did you know that in some states ex-workers can collect benefits for 99 weeks?  Yes, that's only a 5-week vacation short of TWO YEARS.  I can hear the grumbles now coming from a few mouths about fairness, safety nets, and social responsibility.  But when does it end? We always hear the stories about how there's just no work out there but I'd counter that there's plenty of work..it's probably however below the "wage tolerance" of the worker.  But if one has the financial mojo to make it (ie a spouse working, no/low bills, etc.) then we''ve set up the system to enable and encourage people to stay on the tax payers' payroll.  "We pay in so we deserve this" (I'll say it for you)"  "The unemployment pay is so tiny how can you consider this a big deal considering I used to make $xx,xxx/year".

Our state among many is still looking toward universally "free" pre-school too (ie your childcare paid for by all of us). If we extend unemployment to 5 years and pass free-preschool (probably starting at 9 weeks after birth because without proper socialization (indoctrination you know what happens), we just might experience another baby boom!  

So as a man who was obviously left behind and suffers greatly due to an employed dad, a stay at home mom, and no pre-school...please help me understand how WE will pay for this.

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