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Triathlon Training

A few more training discoveries, lessons, etc.

  1. Adaption truly caused my body to stall out.  I wasn't making any advances in a meaningful way in stamina, strength, or body composition.  It's hard to believe that with 6-8 hours of intense cardio per week and eating pretty darn good, things wouldn't be a bit more dramatic.
  2. Adding some weight training back into the mix...AND being more disciplined about eating 5-6 meals per day with heavy emphasis on quality protein EVERY meal...and still eating 99% good carbs (beans, whole grain pasta, etc.) has re-fired the metabolic inferno. In 30 days...let's just say I stayed at exactly the same weight...and dropped approximately 2% body fat.  I'm certain my next 30 days won't be so dramatic...but this lesson has served me well.
  3. I have began more supplementation.  I'm still using XTEND (BCA), multi-vitamin, extra C, omega 3, glucosamine...and have now adding L-Carnitine before workout and Alpha Lipoic acid (anti ox) immediately post. 
  4. I'm trying to recover more quickly so each workout is maximum intensity.  It's less than 3 months until the Hy-Vee Triathlon.  There was a time when my 3 day a week tri workouts were wasting me beyond recognition.  I'm trying to get in more weight training to lean out and that was impossible with no fuel in the tank.  As the weather gets nicer and we all start sweating outside and dealing with the heat...it will be that much more important to put back what's been sapped out of the old bod.

If any of you are doing the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick run this Sunday...I'll see you there!  My first 10k in prep for June.  Running is my weakest area for sure but I'm going to set my baseline this time and go from there.

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