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First 10k run under my belt

OK...so training since October for an Olympic distance triathlon has showed me that I can do way more than I ever thought.  Yesterday, I ran my first 10k (6.2 miles) and did it in 01:04:17.  (The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick run)That's a 10:21/mile pace.  Very slow but steady.  I kept my heart rate at about 152 most the race and the steeper uphills raised my HR into the low 160's.

I'm certain I could have pushed harder especially the last couple of miles but I wanted to ensure that I felt pretty good at the finish and I did.  Legs were sort of like numb logs...but I could have continued.

My lower body certainly feels the abuse today since I'm REALLY not used to anything but about 4 miles indoors.

Now...I can only imagine how a 10k will feel after a 1.5k swim and a 40k bike ride :)

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