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Teaching Sells Program Promotion

Anyone that's chatted with me over the last month or so knows that I've been raving about Teaching Sells. Likewise, anyone that I've told about Teaching Sells...is riveted to what it could do for them.
Teaching Sells is a step by step educational process that shows one how to build a business around educating others...thus the name.  The program provides lessons in marketing, how to choose the right on-line content, how to package it up right, make it visually appealing (multimedia), and then (gulp) tackle the technology pieces to make it shine as a subscription service on the web. 

I've been hinting about this quite a bit in some of my posts...especially in the one entitled, "Are Successful Consultants Really Wage Slaves? where I talked about what it means to be a "fly around consultant" making a tidy sum at a daily rate...but at what greater cost?  The Teaching Sells material guides one through the process of vetting a content based, continuous income model that conceivably...one will run from their home office.

Once you purchase the program, you'll find that its laid out in a lesson by lesson format.  Each lesson has a user forum as well so you can co-mingle with like minded folks about the content.  These forums will be providing the creators of the program with yet more content and lessons to add down the road (notice how the environment feeds itself for a potentially never ending stream of material).

Of course, this sounds easy...and you're likely saying, well yeah but what content do I put on-line...after all...doesn't everyone just Google to get their information?  True, but valuable knowledge and experience that you may have in your head or have learned in your job...may be worth a pretty penny to hundreds or thousands of people that need that knowledge in a concise and easily digestible format...and in a timely matter (no Google searches that eat up your day, etc.).  The continuous e-learning approach supports this model even more since companies and business owners around the globe are much more likely to buy ONGOING ON-LINE TRAINING versus purchasing a 100 page report that gathers dust.  But who'll come and sign up for my stuff?  The program discusses marketing, choosing the right market...and much much more.

Please click on the FREE REPORT image at the top or bottom of this post to get a better description of the program.  If you sign up, please do it through the links in this post as I now have an affiliate code and will receive commissions for promoting the program.  I don't pimp things on my site...but I do evangelize and take advantage of passive income opportunities...and this is one I cannot say enough good things about.

I'm living and breathing this program and my engagement with the material will likely create Technology Jobs for Iowans in the near future so at the very least, go get the report and read it.  Any questions..ping me please.

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