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Stand Up Desk - Coming Soon

I have been searching for years...years with an S for a stand up desk that isn't a few grand.  Granted, there have been many Life Hacks that show some options out there from folks that have pieced some things together.  Heck, IKEA even made the JERKER model desk that many use a standing workstation...but that seems to have been discontinued.  There are plenty of sit-stand combos with motors and such made by uber ergonomic companies, etc...again in the thousands of dollars.

My goal is to create a computer centric stand-up desk to alleviate the absolute BODY JACK that I get from spending hours in my chair.  I know, "Get a good chair, stand/stretch every XX minutes, etc."  I cannot habitually do those things and I want to get the productivity, posture, and purpose of standing at an ultra effective workstation daily..a la Rumsfeld, da Vinci, Churchill, etc.

Here are my requirements:

  1. It must be computer centric: i.e. must hold 3 or 4, 20.5 inch monitors across (not stacked with a quad mount yet).
  2. It must utilize a keyboard tray.
  3. It must accommodate a laptop.
  4. It must have the real estate for some audio equipment (speakers, mixer, etc.)
  5. It does not have to have storage per say (for files or papers)
  6. It must be affordable and replicate-able (assuming others will want it)
  7. Aesthetics are secondary to functionality and affordability.
  8. It should have a return that is a separate "slanted writing surface" that tilts up and has storage underneath.  I don't write with a pen unless it's notes on a call...but I want that slanted surface to read/write on if I choose.
  9. It needs to hide/deal with the rats nest of cables that still vex the computer world.  I so need "blue tooth electricity"
  10. I needs to stand up well to coffee spill and cat hair.  I have both regularly.

I am working with my superman do everything electrician, remodeler, carpenter, plumber, family friend...Mark on this.  If he reads my blog someday, he'll know that I'm selling this as "a product that will can really sell on the web to stand up desk enthusiasts/searchers...to get the free labor.  I'll take pics, vblogs, and play by play on the way.  Comments, guidance, suggestions, pre-orders :)

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Jim Gattuso

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