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First Day of Pre-School for my Baby Girl

Well...this week was the beginning of a whole new era for my almost 3 year old.  She began pre-school.  She's starting at the same time her brother did last year.  He of course barely looked back and said, "Bye Dad".   She did the same.  She's always been the little girl in her older (and much Hammier older brother's) shadow.  He will walk up and introduce himself...while she turns into mom or dads thigh in embarrassment.  Perhaps no more.

I've written before that we're not absolute proponents of pre-school. For our kids, it seems to be be a joyous time of good behavior and learning about Christian values, singing, and forging relationships. (One kid relationship has evolved to a deep family relationship with another kid's parents, etc.)  If they would have cried or protested, we would have simply kept them home. They've thrived.

We took copious pictures and now with BOTH little ones busy 2-days a week for 4 hours, mom is off doing things that have not been possible for quite some time.  I think this will bring additional balance back to our entire family dynamic which has seemingly become quite frantic lately.   The hardest job in the world union has decided to give her a well deserved mini-break.

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