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I knew this would happen..

I'm sure it's happened before...and I'm sure it will again.  Someone was attacked on the West Des Moines Green Belt Trail...from behind...via a bike riding attacker. Des Moines Register Story.

My wife rides this occasionally and since this was done at 3PM in the afternoon...obviously the person doesn't care.  The woman escaped serious injury but I'm sure the mental aspects are tougher.

I'm always hyper-aware on those trails.  If for no other reason, it will help me dodge the wildlife that could cause me to tumble.  If I were moseying along I'd be less inclined to pay attention.  There are a TON of people that walk or jog with ear buds and ipods too.  I guess the right target hadn't come along for this creature.

Please be cautious and let's catch this thing.

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Art Dinkin

This scares the heck out of me! My family uses this trail all the time.. and not far from where the attack took place. As of now, my wife is not going to use it alone anymore. That is a shame.

We did not buy our house because of the Greenbelt but it has become our most beloved ammenity.

I did run with my son in the jog stroller tonight. I too was hyper-aware of who was around me and who was coming up behind me. There was one Clive Police Officer on a bike who I saw going in the opposite direction. I'm glad they are patrolling it closely.

I want this guy caught. He scares me.

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