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Testamonial For Fitness Together

I'd like to share with you all the testimonial that I've provided for Fitness Together in Clive.  If you live in the metro and are looking to change your physical fitness (weight, endurance, strength, etc.), please consider calling (515) 222.1200 or emailing Steve Reese.  Remember this all started with a blog post asking someone for a referral...which Drew McLellan provided.

I came to fitness together  in early May with the specific goal of getting ready for RAGBRAI.    I was like most I think when I walked through the door.  I knew that I needed the assistance but struggled with the concept of "paying for training" when I could just "workout myself".  After an introductory session explaining the Fitness Together system and method...I committed.  With my first 20 sessions ahead of me, the first step was to asses my current fitness level.  Calling the results disappointing would be an understatement.  They were awful.   I had a long way to go but Steve Reese, the owner of Fitness Together encouraged me and ensured me that results were just around the corner.

Steve designed a program for me that maximized my core strength, endurance, and overall fitness.  What really blew me away was how much variety there could be in building fitness.  Between free weights, machines, bands, and balls...I have never been bored with my routine.  When paired with additional cardio training, I began to see results that I had NEVER seen working out on my own.  That personal relationship between trainer and client is the key component in the Fitness Together formula of One Client - One Trainer - One Goal. 

The team at Fitness Together has always taken special care to analyze my response to certain exercises too.  I have a bad knee and a sensitive lower back.  Each trainer knows my limitations and helps me find alternative exercises that achieve the desired result without injury or irritation.

The results I've seen over the last 10 weeks at Fitness Together are nothing short of amazing.  The personalized...private approach with trainer and client in individual suites is very conducive to optimum results.  My strength and endurance are up...and my weight is down.  That's a winning combination. 

Without hesitation I highly endorse the entire Fitness Together staff and leadership.  Every trainer on staff shares the mission and passion to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Doug Mitchell

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