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Commentary on my Confessions E-Book Coming In

I'm humbled by the responses coming in for my e-book "Confessions of an Ex-Enterprise Salesperson:  What I Really Meant When I Said: ____________ ."

Here's an example:

Doug Mitchell’s Confessions exposes the realities of buying and selling enterprise software in a humorous, straightforward way.  He dispels any remaining notions that the process of selling enterprise solutions is done on the up-and-up and translates the vocabulary of the enterprise salesperson into something the buyer (“target” in sales-speak) can understand and, more importantly, act on.  The list of questions he suggests that the buyer use is the real goldmine here.  With them, Doug helps the enterprise solution buyer unmask the salesperson on the other side of the table and avoid many potentially expensive pitfalls in the acquisition and the implementation of large systems.

    --Will Herman, Former CEO of way too many companies to list,   Corporate Director, and über blogger.

If you have about 15 minutes to download and take a peek at a virtual handbook for saving your company millions of dollars and months of wasted effort...please fill in your email address below.  Within seconds you'll receive your e-book packed with goodness.


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