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McCain and Hussein

Here's the deal.  Cincinnati conservative talk host Billy Cunningham was disowned by McCain after he came out and whooped up the crowd saying, "Barack Hussein Obama" many times.  The implication of course is that he is a closet Muslim.

Whatever you believe about the use of Obama's middle name...it's RIDICULOUS to vilify Cunningham for this and childish for McCain to feign ignorance. 

If any of you happen to listen to 98.3 WOW FM here in town, Mr. Cunningham's show is on Sunday evenings.  (He replaced the "Drudge Report" sadly which was a lot of fun to listen to.)   Cunningham uses Obama's middle name EVERY SINGLE TIME he refers to him.  Plain and simple.  Literally 50+ times per show he calls him Barack Hussein Obama. 

The McCain camp had to know what they were getting into.  Back tracking and doing the Potomac Two Step doesn't help.  The hoopla is amazing and I'm sure that Cunningham's audience just doubled.

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