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After a 60 degree day...3 inches of snow hurts

It felt like Spring yesterday.  We saw people we haven't seen in months doing "outside things".  There was visible skin from shorted legs and t-shirted arms.  The large piles of snow 4 feet tall at the end of the driveway were almost completely gone.  Grass was visible.


We had a quick storm come in and rain, then sleet, then lay down 3 inches of snow.  With the blowing winds and plows, it piled up to over a foot at the end of my driveway.  It took about an hour to remove it all by shovel.

Birds are chirping, squirrels are spotted, and trees have buds on them.  Hopefully that was the last of the snow for the season.  It's been a longer than usual winter and I'd like to start cutting the grass 2x per week again please (wait a minute..:)

I will get the streaming web cameras (new ones) up and running again this Spring to share the best time of year with you all.  Hopefully, it's just around the corner!


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