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6 Sigma Wrap Up

I was lost for a while and wasn't able to post much.  Now that I've re-centered my chi (what?) I've been posting and trying to write about a few things that really mattered over the last few months.  One such event is my completion of 6 Sigma training.  Besides being overjoyed that I no longer have to leave my family for 1 week per month, I feel like I've accomplished something great.  Most importantly, I forged relationships with some very good people. 

Since my world is very transactional, Lean is far more applicable in my world...but having this statistical foundation will certainly help me to help others I consult with...remove the emotion from their business decision making.  I find that in most cases, managers and executives certainly "know the right answers based on their gut feelings" after all, those feelings have gotten us this far right?  In over 80% of the cases where 6 Sigma principles were applied, the gut answer was the wrong one.

Additionally, something I felt in my gut (here we go)...was correct.  It's that the "soft side of 6 Sigma..the change management, buy in, stakeholder communication..etc. are the hardest parts.  I've been involved with at least 10 projects...and invariably, there are idea saboteurs lurking everywhere to make their "gut instinct" prove to be right in spite of your fancy stats."

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