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Corn Fed and Shade Grown

A short time ago, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the "Winter Smoker" put on by a local cigar shop here in Des Moines.  It was held at the Principal Financial Tower downtown...and at the Embassy Club.  Very swanky.  Great views, etc.  When we exited the elevator, I felt my wife's pulse jump since there were no females within site.  As we got closer to the registration table, it was clear that we were at a 98% dude event.  Never fear.  The chance for us to be out together period is rare so we took full advantage.  I gave her tidbits of knowledge about the smokes we had and like a trooper, she took it all in.  Flip the tables and put me in a 98% female event doing a distinctly female activity (you fill in)...and I'd be headed for the door.

This event highlighted something very special about Des Moines for me....the crowd mix.  We sat a table with teachers, farmers, meat processors, and attorneys.  The table behind me had a local TV personality.  It was really a neat feeling.  As we devoured our Iowa tenderloins of both beef and pork, we probed the farmer at our table to allow a "tour" for our family.  Since it's simply work for him, he couldn't really understand what California City Slickers would get out of slogging around Hogs and such...but he invited us to come out.

As we puffed away on Cusano Robustos with 18 year old double Connecticut shade grown wrappers, we chatted and belly laughed the night away.  It was wonderful.  It brought a distinct sense of peace to know that we moved to a wonderful place where farmers and TV types kibbutz together over scotch and fine smoke. 

Few things bring the world together like beef, scotch, and cigars. 

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