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Political Rock and a Hard Place

Imagine what it's like to be President.  Your job is to make the entire world stable.  I wouldn't be so good at that one.   Mr. President Mitchell, what's your plan to stabilize the world: 

"We're going to cut everything that I deem wasteful with a blatant disregard for feelings and interest groups."  (Can you say one term?)

So the President gets up and tells everyone what he's going to do with our money and how the government will take care of getting us on track.  That's a decidedly different approach than I would take.  Mine won't get me re-elected.  Or would it?

These are the times when the fundamental beliefs in self-reliance and capitalism are challenged from all sides.  I hear it in the empowered callers on any talk show.  "See what capitalism and deregulation has gotten us!"  

Let's put the blame squarely where it lies.  On us.  We're fed lines by the politicos.  We elect and re-elect people who look us in the face and tell us what we want to hear vs. reality.  Those same people make rules and laws that allow bad things to happen and people to get rich and skirt the system we plebes must deal with.  Then, when the [email protected]#% hits the fan, we all get scared and empower those same people to fix the problems they caused with our own money again.

Drunking spending by both parties and our own apathy has earned us this position. Only we can get US out.  You OK with that?

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