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I think work-life balance talk must have come from corporate consultants

So after about 90 days in the red, I'm trying to free up some time starting the 20th of Dec.  As of right now, that's not looking so hot.  I am probably going to keep the accelerator down and then shut the car down for a few days in a row.  Is that balance?  No. It's swinging the pendulum wildly from one direction to the other.  Somehow, I don't get much energy from being in "balance".  To me (at least for now) balance means not accomplishing/growing/driving ahead. 

My boy asked me if he could work with me the other day.  (He's almost 6).  That made me very happy.  I wonder if I can get him up to speed on some things before 1st grade :) OK just kidding.

I made this image below to illustrate my thoughts.  What say you?

Central Desktop


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Micro view you're right, but the concept really works as a macro view - over the course of say a week, a month, a quarter do you have a balance? I don't think that sweet spot is boring at all, I see the issue being this: when you're with the kids do you think of work and when you're working do you wish you were with the kids? That's the sign you're out of balance. If you can split the time, flip the switch and be happy in either mode, and you're wife & family's not aggravated with your workload then you've got balance.

Doug Mitchell

I'm with you. Macro yes. I end up getting "consistently high returns" based on wild swings "in the market" because I have a high risk tolerance :)

There are times yes when I don't get it right though and I am taking 1 hour family / dinner breaks in a very long day and then back at it.

For me it's a quarterly view for sure. Thanks a million for the comment!

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