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Waukee Cycling & Fitness

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He doesn't know it...but Marvin Light from Waukee Cycling & Fitness just served me, a customer that was kind of "sketchy" about moving outside of my comfort zone with bike shops.  I've been served well by Bike World and Rasmussen and didn't move away from them for any reason in particular.

I have passed by Waukee Cycling & Fitness about a hundred times on my bike and in the car.  The shop is located at 23 NE Carefree Lane, in the same center as Tres Amigos, Subway, Legacy Bar & Grill, etc.  Anyone who's ridden the Raccoon River Trail has passed by.

I tend to route for the underdog and with the dominance of the other local shops I thought I'd give Marvin's place a shot.  The Trek Madone 5.2SL was delivered to Marvin for a rear derailleur alignment and diagnoses of a clicking noise in my crankset (or so I thought). 

The Net Result

  1. Marvin was thorough, efficient, and got to the bottom of my "clicking noise".  He could have easily told me anything and I probably would have believed him, but he told me that it was in the pedal to which he applied grease and said, "Let's hope this fixes the issue so you don't need a replacement." Cost = $0.  If I need new pedals eventually...you know where I'm going.
  2. Marvin fixed my derailleur with perfect alignment and delivered my abused cycle back to me shined up and purty again.
    Cost = $30.
  3. I left happy, satisfied, and encouraged that his business is excited to serve and do well. 

If you're loyal to the other shops I'd understand why.  The crews at each place have done well by me.  If you'd like to give an underdog a shot whether you need service or a new piece...please give Marvin a call at 515.987.7333 and tell him that "Clicky Left Pedal Doug" sent you.  He's available via email at [email protected]

(I'll have a conversation about that MSN email address vs. the branded one later :)  Thanks again Marvin.

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