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Are you an SMB looking to use multimedia to support or EXPLODE your brand?

Let's say you are an SMB (small to medium business) in the Des Moines metro.  You have a nice website that's well put together and appealing.  You've got a nice "about" page with little JPG's of your employees and a quick bio about them.  Not bad.  But in the SMB space you CAN and SHOULD be able to STAND OUT and be heard from!  But what to do?

Here's a quick checklist we've been working through.

When I visit your site:

  1. Is there anything there conveying what it's actually like to do business with you? Blog posts, videos, interviews, audio clips, testimonials, case studies?
  2. Does your site in any way indicate to me that you're different than "everyone else that provides the same service or product as you do?" 
  3. Do you make it easier to say "yes" than the competition?
  4. Do you offer multiple modes of contact to reach different demographics?  In not too many years, those "kids" who text message all day may be running the office.  Do you accommodate that mode of communication deemed critical by current and future generations?
  5. Do you offer RSS feeds for news releases and/or blog posts?  Most likely if you are blogging the answer is yes.  Blogging is NOT a requirement to provide RSS feeds of your news releases however so don't count out one because of the other.
  6. Are you leveraging any social media platforms?  Twitter is a prime example.  The other day I put out a call for someone to create a logo...fast.  I got 4 replies from Twitter from local designers and within 4 HOURS I had prototypes in my inbox.  Maybe people won't ask you questions about your accounting business in twitter that often today...but just give it a while.  (HINT:  That's code for do something about it now).

We'll add more to this list soon but hopefully there's some food for thought in here.  If you'd like to chat more about some of these things, give me a shout

Central Desktop


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