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Insulin Resistance - Do you have trouble losing weight?

I have a good friend in Alabama who shared with me that he was really having a difficult time since he:

  1. Was eating a very low calorie diet of perhaps 1500 cals per day.
  2. Was exercising like a mad dog (really he'd always done that and used to run marathons, etc.)
  3. Was gaining weight and could barely maintain 215lbs on a sub-6 foot frame. (some might say pocket sized frame...but I digress :)
  4. Had decreased energy and felt exhausted constantly for the last 15 years.

He'd gone from svelte runner to middle aged expanse while busting his butt.  Very depressing.  This situation wore him out by Christmas of 2007.  He was mentally and physically at the breaking point.

He looked inside himself and did some consultation with the big guy upstairs and hit the web hard for some help.  Ultimately, he began diving into the topic of INSULIN RESISTANCE.  He compared the "20 blood test markers for this condition" against his own blood work.  Bam.  20 of 20. 

He's now following a low glycemic index diet (just like a diabetic would) and here are the results in his own words and pictures.  I know MANY people who suffer the "eat right most of the time and workout a lot but can't lose weight" syndrome.  I hope they look toward this example and keep after the answers.  Talk to your doctor and if he/she won't help you understand this...then find a community online. 

I think we discount the affect food has on our entire being.  We aren't meant to take in all of the processed sugars and crap that prepared food has in it. Good luck and comments welcome.  In his own words:

Bottom line, I can't process starches. When I ate a piece of broiled fish on rice, it was not 'good' like I thought, but killing me slowly. I cut out all starches, and as much sugar as possible. No potatoes, rice, pasta, or bread. Seems I was trying to burn 2500 cals a day, taking in 1500, but all the starches went to fat and my body was struggling to find enough fuel from the rest of the food to function. Which meant I was tired, lethargic, and constantly sleepy because my metabolism was trying to shut down.

Since Jan 10th, I've lost 35 lbs. My energy level shot through the roof, and I'm running well enough to do the half-marathon in 8 days.

I share this, because I suffered for 15 years without any answers. I'd have given a lot if someone had given me a clue, pointer, anything to get me in the right direction. Just in case you run across someone you know with a similar problem, I'm sharing with you.

Nice work buddy and good luck in the marathon!



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