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Blackberry Pearl 8100: Wow did they get this right!

Perhaps you read my recent post on how to unlock your Blackberry Pearl 8100...with AT&T's help!  Or, perhaps you're considering which phone you'd like to buy.  Let me encourage you to purchase the Pearl for the following reasons.

  1. It's quad-band gsm for max global usage (if you ever intend to use a phone overseas...this is a must)
  2. It's the most business friendly phone I've ever encountered.  It's the ONLY phone...let me repeat ONLY phone that has ever been able to simply open a .WAV file out of the box.  I get my voice mails from my office Vonage line delivered to my email (and thus my phone).  One click and I'm listening to the voice mail on my Pearl.  Not so with ANY windows mobile device I owned (various PDA style windows mobile phones, Q, etc.  I'm sure the windows phones will open the file with some kind of patch or download...but I'm not interested in playing.
  3. Google now makes a "Google Synch" tool that automatically synchs your google calendar w/the native blackberry calendar.  Nice.  This seems new but is just excellent.
  4. The entire suite of GOOGLE mobile apps works flawlessly on the phone.
  5. The phone is very business savvy with the ability to copy and paste and move between applications.  windows mobile phones were always very clunky at doing what I thought was a windows thing. 
  6. The phone seems to send/receive/construct voice memos and MMS messages better than I ever could with my Q phone. 
  7. They've crammed a QWERTY keyboard into a much smaller keypad.  Bottom line.  It's weird at first but the software figures out what you're doing and makes sense of it all.  Trust me.  Just type the words you want and after a few weeks, about 98% of what you want to come out...does.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the keypad and notice the lack of all those little thumb buttons. 

The Blackberry Pearl 8100 is just a great device and provides a powerful business tool for those that who need it...all tucked into a nice little form factor that still fits in the pocket.


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hey nice..i just got me a blackberry pearl after reading through your post..but now..i have a problem occured.. i created a password code for keypad lock..and somehow for not using the phone for a while..i forgot the code?? do u know how to unlock the keypad code??? ive read over some post on unlocking the keypad code and they say the phone locks permently after a number of trys..and seems like im on my last to code or its locked permently..i dont want to loose everything on thay phone..but is it true ill loose everything ..of so..where do i go from there..does the phone resets..i need help?? thankx

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