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First Century Ride...Executed.

Wow.  That's about all I have to say about that.  The "Track and Back" ride took us from downtown Des Moines (El Bait Shop Bar/Grill) to the Iowa Speedway and back.  In between, we spun laps on the awesome 7/8th's mile track.  I spent 8 full hours on the bike spinning hard.

Here's what I learned on this ride that was essentially as hilly as days 5 and 6 of the 2006 RAGBRAI (if you did these, you know what I mean).  If you didn't ride those days...that I refer to as, "the time I almost died on a  bike"...they were brutal, incessant hills with headwinds to rob your downhill glory.

  1. The first 50 are tough but people really expend a lot of energy trying to "knock out the miles" and get there.
  2. People rest far less than I expected.  (Total rest time during front 50 was about 5 minutes for me and I had to keep up with others).
  3. On the way back, the hills seemed much harder.
  4. Mile 51 was the "Please get me to the blood  doping tent or to the Doctor performing ass/quadricep transplants"
  5. Mile 60 was the "Why did I do this @#$%@ride.  In the name of all that's @#[email protected]$%^#@^" milestone.
  6. Mile 75 was the "Can I think of a good reason that can get me out of this...but not appear that I have given up?" milestone.
  7. Mile 85 was the "Hummm, I may just make it without becoming a news story" milestone.
  8. Mile 89 is where I crested a hill and saw downtown Des Moines and I had a burst of ATP that feed my legs.
  9. Mile 99.9 is where I knew that I was about 2.5 minutes away from a massive cold beer and a pork sandwich..and although I was completely wasted and burnt to a crisp...I was proud of the accomplishment and wondered how it compares to most other century rides. 
  10. 120 minutes after the ride and feeling devoid of life force, I sent my wife to McDonalds and she returned with a Filet'oFish Meal with regular coke, a double cheeseburger, a large milkshake and a cheeseburger for the kids.  After consuming the entire allotment (including some of the kids burger) in 5 minutes, I began to feel somewhat human again.

Pictures posted of the track laps soon.

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Great $#%@*& Friggin Job!!!!!
Are you already into the "that wasn't soooo bad??" stage.

Nuthin like tickin off a hundy miles and knowing that you are part of a SLIVER of the population that could propel themselves 100 MILES without the use of a plane,train, or automobile.
See ya in Socal.

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