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Top 10 Things Missing From Public Golf In the Modern Era

Beer_golf Top Things Missing From Public Golf Courses

Why don't golf courses have:

  1. Honor system beverage/food stations at key holes like every 3rd one? (The US government has an honor system border crossing with Canada...did you know that?)  Put cash in the cash box, make your own change, etc. One could even put a safe box with a key lock that only golfers have to avoid dash and grabs from locals if they can easily gain access to the course.
  2. Pay with Paypal mobile phone for your food/bev while on the course.  I don't carry cash. Please someone do this for me. 
  3. "Swing view cams" or "cable operated shot following cams" that record your round and some swings for you. 
  4. Live streaming web cams on key holes to check weather and watch others shots into greens, etc.  I'm interested and if I can get streaming web cams to work (even weather proof ones)....literally anyone can.
  5. Credit card mobile swiper machine (maybe the one attached to the Sprint/Nextel phone?).  Another payment option.  It's not like your beers are cheap anyway, add $.50 to the price and within no time, you'll make back the monthly investment in the service/equipment.
  6. Tabs.  Why doesn't a golf course let me run a tab while on site?  For the love of Pete...I just paid $50 to play and I'm likely to spend another $20+ if you make it easy.  Buying a round for friends, the "great shot Jim!" celebratory beer, and the "I'm feeling some tightness in my back beer" are so much easier to BUY when you let me do what EVERY other drinking facility does, pay later and trust that I will pay.
  7. Golf ball vending machines.  Make the prices a bit better, give me selection, wire in electricity and give me a machine at a few holes on the course. 
  8. Have a roving teaching pro day once per month.  Have the guy just stationed at a hole and have him "quick tip" you into doing better.  It may save your round.
  9. Post-golf massage.  I was treated to a "while playing blackjack massage" in Vegas recently....give me the same options post golf and I'll do it, I promise.
  10. Caddies.  Bring this back to more courses and figure out the business model.  I need local knowledge and encouragement!

Keep swinging!

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