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Everything's Turning Green In Iowa

On Sunday, Iowa's own Zach Johnson won The Masters.  The entire state is buzzed with excitement and the newspaper plastered the news on the front page: IOWAN WINS MASTERS! 

If any of you have seen Zach Johnson give his interviews or discuss his history, his humble, God fearing, Midwestern roots come shining through.  Even in his moment of glory...the first words he shared with the TV announcers paid homage to his family and to his savior on Easter Sunday. 

Zach Johnson exemplifies traditional Midwest values.  He didn't attend the University of Iowa, become a golf star, and make his way easily onto the tour.  Johnson played for Drake, a small liberal arts college in downtown Des Moines. 

(I really wanted to buy that plot of land to plant my crops but someone got to it first.  I'll go ahead and make the best of this plot just outside of town and with a little extra work, we'll be just fine.)

Zach was only the 2nd or 3rd best on the Drake golf team from everyone's recollection...however anyone interviewed today adds the footnote that Zach, "Made up for whatever skills or polish he lacked with hard work and determination.

(My tractor is a bit rusted and I'm not the best farmer in the state, but I'll work from dawn 'til dusk to ensure our success)

Zach climbed his way through the minor league tour, got his shot, has stuck to his guns, and has now reaped golf's most glorious prize.  When he reached the pinnacle, he gave thanks to those who'd gotten him there and humbly accepted the green jacket.

I'm proud to be an Iowan.

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