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Sunrise in Vegas

Img078I'm always amazed at the sunrise in the desert.  This is the view from the 19th floor of the RIO in Las Vegas.  The construction here is still completely baffling.  It's everywhere: condos, hotels, resorts, apartments, etc.  This place will never stop amazing me.  What also amazes me is that now, there's nothing less than $25 black jack tables at most places...at most times.  The RIO has rebadged their steak house into 3121, by Prince.  Prince plays here every Friday and Saturday night too.  I wont be able to get the "Symbol that changed its name back to Prince" this time...but someday I'll party like it's 1999.

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Las Vegas Courtesan

Even though I live here, I am constantly amazed by it too. It never gets old to me..

I agree it's difficult to find any decently priced table games around town anymore. Places will advertise $5 or $10 tables but will only have 1 or 2 going and of course they are always filled and have two people waiting in line. I am a pretty cheap gambler when I go out so if the mood strikes me I'll end up going to downtown to get my kicks for cheap.

Adam Steen

I finally made it to Vegas after 26 years. A couple friends and I flew in for a couple days and drove to Sedona AZ for my bro's wedding. That was a pretty cool drive (even though we accidentally bypassed the Hoover Dam). We drove at night to AZ and couldn't believe what we had missed in the daytime on the back. It was like two completely different worlds.

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