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I Quit! PLEASE Stay!

A great piece appeared a while ago in the Des Moines Register called,

You're quitting, but now the boss wants you

The article discusses the very common practice of companies countering offers on the spot when you announced your intention to leave.  What does this say about the company?  Would you still leave if they offered you a bunch more ca$h to stick around?  The article points out that money is not the only reason you're probably leaving in the first place so THINK before you accept. 

I realize that its a tricky situation on both sides.  Of course companies attempt to minimize labor expenses thus your pay scale may be behind...especially if your role or responsibilities have changed.  Have you worked somewhere that kept dumping on you, you met the challenge, exceeded expectations...yet when review time came around, you were given the conciliatory X% raise?  I have.  Not good.  Of course when you work for yourself...review time is daily...at about 10PM when your head hits the pillow.  Sound familiar?

Dawn Sagario's piece goes on to accurately explain that communication between employee and employer along the way is key to avoiding this situation.  If the company you work for takes a hard stance that "It does not discuss compensation unless it's review time"...or "It will not entertain talk about compensation because it would be unfair to others"...run...don't walk to your sphere of influence, LinkedIn, or some other means that uses your relationships to find a position that suits you.  By the way, I believe it is fair to agree not to discuss compensation for X months once you've reached an agreement.  It's a struggle for both parties to discuss this topic monthly. Or better yet, create a position that fits you. 

When I quit my position at a major Telecommunications firm without having one to back it up in 1999...I had reached a cross roads.  My family was a little freaked.  My wife stood by and said, "We're behind you".  But that's when my start-up, out of the comfort zone, business plan writing, venture capital funding, learn new things every day, expand your mind, immerse and conquer, let it rip, "hey, I just learned a little html today"...attitude coalesced. 

That one decision launched a no resume, relationship based, just totally cool work life that is totally in balance with my personal and spiritual life.  Not bad for becoming "unemployed" by choice.

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