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Dude Stuff

My family joined me for lunch today at Panera, the newly adopted office extension, meeting room, wifi super-mega-ultra room.  Toward the end of lunch, I asked my boy (3.5) if he'd like to go with daddy by himself to the store to for "home made pizza ingredients".  He was beaming with joy, said yes, and proceeded to tell my wife that he was "Going to do Dude Stuff with daddy" and that she couldn't go with us...nor could his sister apparently. It's amazing what he hears, stores, and can repeat these days. (Yes I've told him that when he and daddy go out together, without mommy and sister...it's called dude stuff). I'm still smiling.

I couldn't help but notice also that EVERY person that walks past us in the store just looks at my boy and smiles.  He got his mom's looks no doubt...but he just elicits joy from casual observers.  Sure he's cute but he's got something to say, he's outgoing, and he just talks to strangers.  I admire this behavior and intend to cultivate it for life.  Who says talking to strangers is bad?  I challenge that idea.  Sure there's the micro percentage of incidents that lead to bad things...and he'll be taught about  what bad people can do.  But he will be encouraged to be a stranger to no one. 

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Will Herman

What a great story, Doug,

I have a 16 year-old boy (my oldest) who's my best friend. I can remember when going to Home Depot with Dad was the highlight of his week. Not so any more, but he still likes to hang out, go to sporting events and watch movies with his old man. My wife tells me that being with and like Dad is still very cool for him.

While the special "dude" moments like you had this week with your son are waning for me (college is quickly approaching), similar memories keep me alive and validate my existence as a father.

Thanks for writing about it. It brought back a rush of memories for me and reminded me, once again, how fleeting those moments are.

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