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Domain Mapping

With the help of Mike Sansone, I was able to map my blog domain to my main company URL for The Mitchell Group, LLC.  Of course, I toiled about starting over in Technorati and wish I'd have understood some of these technical issues regarding consolidation of links and traffic some time ago...but it's done.

I'm taking the approach of having my corporate presence...BE THE BLOG.  I've generated more traffic and more first page google results for my name and various topics I post on frequently than I would have ever imagined.  And...all the while, my "corporate site" sits there and collects web dust.  After all, why do people want me to work with them/for them? It's not because my website is so brilliantly constructed that they can't say no.  (most have never seen it)

Rather they have a sense of who I am and what I can do...and the way in which I'll probably communicate with them...because of this blog.  I'm migrating some of the typical corporate stuff over and making design tweaks but it's live and official now. 

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