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Dell 0 - Verizon Wireless 1

I received my Dell internal Verizon Wireless EVDO mini-card and installed it with no problems.  So, anyone with a Dell XPS M1210 laptop that DID buy the A/V package but did NOT buy the internal broadband (verizon or cingular) card and wants to ad it later please order the following from Dell:


I've gone through the Dell Hell for you.

Now, since I already have a Verizon Wireless EVDO card (from my old laptop...and it's the PC CARD form factor which is why this all happened in the first place), I've got an unlimited account already.  How then was I going to get my old account "hooked up" to this new card?  I sent an email to our business account rep who called me and said, "Give me the ESN and I'll have it transfered."  I did and within 1 hour, I was running on the new card.  It's amazing how Verizon Wireless executed on my desires within 60 minutes and with 1 short email, yet Dell took up days and caused me incredible frustration. 

Was this solved because I had an account rep that wasn't sitting in a call center in another country reading from a script? 

It's cheaper to solve my needs by spending money on the right kind of human being versus inventing infrastructure that appears cheaper on someone's P&L.  Thanks Verizon.

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