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"24" Junkies...Unite

It's silly that one of the most popular shows in the world, "24", doesn't give away more ring tones and such to keep people talking about the show.  I guess they don't need evangelists!

It took me a while to sift through a million UK based ringtone sites promising this and that...to get what I wanted....but finally I've located a high quality MP3 of the CTU ring tone and have posted it for your consumption here on a Central Desktop Public Workspace.  I just got the Motorola Q phone and my first mission post email set up was to find this file.

I get looks and comments everywhere I go with this ringtone.  It will make you feel a bit like Jack Bauer  I promise...just not as cool.

The file is small so click away.

You can buy it from a Verizon "GET IT NOW" program called MIDI Ring Tones too...but that's not free.

Central Desktop


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how do I get the file onto my phone? this is the best sounding one I've come across.

Daniel Stone

That's brilliant! I spent half an hour ploughing through the web before I finally found your site, and it was exactly what I was looking for! lol
Snaps, etc.


You can also get the "24" CTU ring tone from this website:


I spent a few hours looking for the ring tone. The above link is free and the ring tones come in different formats.

Have fun!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the CTU phone sound!


Busted link?

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