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Which Store Has the Best Meat? Costco is Prime

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Strolling casually through the meat isle at Costco the other day...a favorite and very soothing pastime of mine, I was taken by some new blue meat trays.  Based on the layout, I knew the blue trays were in the rib eye and New York Strip neighborhood.  What could that be I questioned on the approach.

As I vectored around a few inexperienced costco'ites...my eyes focused on the steak.  Hark! This red meat has more fattylicious marbling than normal!  And then it happened...my eyes connected with the label.


After picking my lower jaw off the floor, I began inspecting the delicious striated flesh and an inner monologue started riffing.

Wow...I can't believe Costco has USDA PRIME beef!  It's not even that much more expensive than CHOICE HERE.  Man I better buy a lot so they keep it up (is that a potsticker sample I smell)...I better ask the butcher if they sell the whole pieces of PRIME BEEF so I can cut it myself into delicious "chocolate cake" sized portions and save money per LB to boot.

I discovered through cool old butcher dude that they didn't even know it was coming in and that he "hopes restaurants buy it" so sales go through the roof.  Agreed.

So get this, they had PRIME TOP SIRLOIN too!  Top sirloin is one of my favorite cuts.  It's more flavorful than many and if quality top sirloin is cut, seasoned (a whole 'nutha topic), and cooked properly...it's the number one value/experience in beef.  Ready for the hook...it was only $2.95/lb.  You'll pay $4.99 for crap elsewhere.  Yes there's a little work in cutting the entire piece into delicious steaks...but I'll do a video tutorial if you need one.

Remember, if you eat meat...don't skimp when you don't have to.  A 16 oz PRIME top sirloin at a fine restaurant is at least $22.  A Prime New York Strip or Rib eye of similar size...$32+.  If you're in the know like I am (now you are for reading)...you'll be able to rock the house for a fraction of the price and treat your guests to the best of the best bovine beauties for bottom buck. 

So please run down to Costco and grab your PRIME beef if you're in Des Moines.  If your Costco doesn't have it yet...tell them "Doug from Des Moines says bring in PRIME".

Want to have the most amazing seasoning you've ever had on beef?  Try the UltimateSteakSeasoning that I've been perfecting my whole life.  This seasoning turn vegetarians in salivating carniverous beef loving "dip bread in the juice" 'ers.   I promise :)

Until we eat again.

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