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Biz Tactical inaugural show streaming LIVE! from ABI convention

A while back I had this crazy idea about creating an Extreme Makeover show for Iowa Businesses.  So I sat down and created Biz Tactical.  Biz Tactical is modeled after the show called "We Mean Business" on A&E.

Video about the show below.

We will take submissions from businesses that want HELP!  We'll assemble a panel of experts and descend upon this business bringing tangible resources, connections, and solutions that rapidly accelerate success.
We're building our team of panelists and the show's anchor hosts are myself and Adam Steen.  I'm proud to announce that we'll be doing our first show from the upcoming Iowa Association of Business and Industry convention at Lake Okoboji on June 10 at 530PM.  The show will be produced as a live radio broadcast with commercials and special sponsored segments.

If YOU are going to the ABI convention, please stop by the social media suite upstairs where you'll find the createWOWmedia team coaching, connecting, and capturing the excellence of the ABI membership.

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