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Thought Dump

  1. Took my boy to McDonalds on Mills Civic, the one in the Kum N Go.  Never again ever in a million years.  No one, including "management" knew what was going on.  Unapologetic and apathetic mediocrity.  Not that I should expect more...or should I expect some level of accuracy and care from one of the best "systems" in the world?
  2. Bought bread at Gateway Market.  Been very impressed with everything there (maybe with the exception of the help).  Not bad mind you...just average.  I always find it "that much tougher" to pay x % more for items there (the normal items I find elsewhere for less) when there's no service premium.  I think I'm mostly describing the cashier/checkout folks.  The cheese people seem to have the service thing nailed.  I guess Cheese just inspires!  (Now they just need a bacon department)
  3. Been totally immersed in the launch of Operation Red State.  The tagline is that ORS provides remarkably affordable technology and new media training for conservative candidates and campaigns.  Launch event is Tax Day and we've already had 4 Iowa House Members confirm attendance. We're expecting Conservative leaders and politicos from all over to herald the arrival of a most powerful weapon in the grassroots conservative arsenal. 
  4. My speaking engagement at Entrefest in Coralville Iowa early this March has resulted in 4 additional speaking opportunities around the state.  I need to invest in that Cisco Holographic Video Conferencing technology so when I get asked to speak in Boston or LA I can do it remotely.  You can keep flying for yourselves. 
  5. I've been humbled by the feedback on the Managing The Edge weekly Internet Business Podcast.  I believe that quite a few people are benefiting from this weekly dive into becoming findable and engaging on the web.   
  6. We have a VERY special takeaway/parting gift for our Operation Red State launch.  I cannot claim the idea...but it's good.  Very good.  Talk about memorable.

More to come.  Operating at 175% of capacity. 

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