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Absenteeism due to discombobulated neuropathways

I got a call about a week ago, "Can we put Mac's World Live" on daily from the Studio at Impromptu Studio? (our new digs downtown with video and audio studio, etc.)

Ummm...sure.  So we've been powering a daily "radio" show that we need to stream live with audio and video, record for podcast distribution, play commercials and music while on air, etc.  The software and hardware settings alone required to pull this off (since we don't have computers and such just sitting around already dialed in for this) are enough to drive you batty.  Our laptops would have to fly in daily for their appearances and we'd have to recapture the same settings from the day before.  However, things never seem "exactly" the same twice.

So we've managed to do it with minor glitches...but we're very pleased to have immersed ourselves in this world for a while to understand what it takes to produce a "live show" and remove the need for post-production editing, even though it was a trial by fire. 

It's fascinating how much stuff you CAN figure out and how cheap technology is these days.  If you remove the AM or FM signal from the equation (those aren't very expensive outside of major markets either), you can do what we're doing with 2 computers and some audio equipment.  We'll probably create a mini case studio for this over at createWOWmedia just to capture our thoughts and debrief a bit.

All of this has spun Media Maestro Paul and I for a loop and thus very little posting activity.  I'd like to add a special thanks to Steve from Student Pros Consulting who has stepped up...stepped in...and become a great audio engineer and all around recording and producing expert in about 24 hours.

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