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Kirk to Spock, "Let them Die!"

William Shatner as Captain James T.Image via WikipediaRant-Observation compilation:

Have food prices come down now that gas prices are less than half of what they were when the experts said, "Expect these prices for the rest of our lives here in the USA?"  No.  Are the providers trying to leave things where they are to recover from their plummeting margins over the last year or so?  Sure, and as Al Franken would say....."And that's.......OK."

"We'll never seen oil below $100 in again."  Really.  $1.00/gallon gas is not that far off it seems and oil is barely hanging around $40.  Again the experts are simply part of the "sensationalization machine" that our media has become. E85 was $1.41/gal last night locally.

"Too big to fail"  Really?  Imagine the innovation and market opportunity that could arise from the failure of companies that have had crap leadership and let themselves hemorrhage to death.  Let the car companies figure out how to make things work right and let Obama spend our $150 billion in clean energy research.  I think in 10 years we could be out of the oil hole.

We should absolutely take a lesson from James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country regarding the Big 3.  In his dialog with Captain Spock, he is sage. (Yes.  Seize any opportunity to leverage Star Trek to make life points)

Capt. Spock:

There is a historic opportunity here.
Capt. James T. Kirk:

Don't believe them! Don't trust them!
Capt. Spock:

They are dying.
Capt. James T. Kirk:

Let them die.

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Michael Libbie

Doug: Consider this...the Grocery Association (made up of manufacturers and stores) blamed the rising cost of food on biofuels. Meanwhile they have raised prices, shrunk their containers and posting earnings that mirror the oil industry. Del Monte up 28% Sara Lee up 51% and it goes on and on. Mushrooms 4 oz ...for $1.20? Does not compute. But...enjoyed the rant!! Michael

Luke Manohan

I think if we can find them, maybe we can hire the A-Team.


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